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Situational Role Analysis

Often disagreements in the world of thoughts and feelings only come to light in certain situations. For such cases we have the possibility to simulate such situations. The special feature here is that we involve people in alignment with you, who play the simulated roles, e.g. HR manager in a job interview, but also actually exercise or have exercised in such a role in their professional life. This enables us to jointly create a high level of authentic sensations for you. You will receive feedback from our doctors or psychologists as well as from the person involved in the situation. This enables you to reflect on your feelings in real time with professional support, even with regard to otherwise inaccessible perspectives.

By this procedure you can train like a pilot in a flight simulator and gain a routine in order to perceive yourself better in the corresponding real world situation. In this way you will be better suited to deal with your thoughts and feelings.

Your health, your joie de vivre and the achievement of your targets are our common goal! 

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