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Psychotherapy is a  scientifically based method of dealing with ailments that have no immediately identifiable cause. It is basically about grasping the world of thoughts and feelings that characterizes a person and bringing it from a state that increasingly affects well-being and joie de vivre into a balance that makes it possible to perceive life as the most wonderful gift that it is. 


This method can be used to treat depression, anxiety, trauma, burnout, loneliness, behavioral problems, psychosomatics and much more. Our approach is to find the right form of therapy for you and to support you in solving your immediate situation and then to work together with you to find the underlying causes. It is often very difficult to find and treat the causes because many other aspects can play a role. Often dealing with the psyche is avoided, because it is so difficult to measure and it affects the human being in his humanity. However, it is the greatest strength of the human being to be vulnerable and to adapt his thoughts and feelings in a continuous development. Such regeneration can nowadays be successfully supported with many methods, especially with the help of psychotherapy. Many such methods can be offered in individual settings, couple therapy and group therapy.

With our competence and many years of experience in the fields of medicine and psychology, as well as our solid cooperation network with doctors, therapists and hospitals in various specialist areas, we can carry out diagnostics quickly and efficiently and also provide long-term interdisciplinary support for regeneration.

Your health and your joie de vivre are our common goals! 

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