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Psychiatry is a field of medicine that deals with the brain. The brain is the most complex of all organs in the human body and is responsible for our thoughts and feelings. The brain uses many methods to create these worlds. These worlds can sometimes get confused and increasingly affect our well-being and joy of life. Because this is often not obvious, people who are close to you can be affected and a cycle develops that leads to a constantly worsening condition. 


Examples are neuroses, psychoses, phobias, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, trauma, burn-out, loneliness, behavioural problems, psychosomatics and many more. The suffering to be treated can occur suddenly as a result of accidents, due to heredity or for no apparent reason. It is often very difficult to find and treat the cause because many other aspects can play a role. Often   issues concerning the psyche are avoided, because it is so difficult to measure them and the human being is threatened in his humanity. However, it is the greatest strength of the human being to be vulnerable and to adapt his thoughts and feelings again and again. Nowadays this regeneration can be successfully supported by many methods, ranging from medication to psychotherapy.


With our competence and many years of experience in the fields of medicine and psychology, as well as our solid cooperation network with doctors, therapists and hospitals in various specialist areas, we can carry out diagnostics quickly and efficiently and also provide long-term interdisciplinary support for regeneration.

Your health and your joie de vivre are our common goals! 

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