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Do you feel overwhelmed by the situation and see no way out? Are you constantly stressed and in conflict with your partner or other people? Do you feel deeply hurt? Is a new phase in your life beginning with an unknown role? Do you become a mother or father and fear failure?  Are you promoted and do you not feel to be able to live-up to the responsibility? Do you feel emptiness in your life in connection with retirement? Have you lost a very important person as a result of separation, divorce or death? Do you feel that nothing in your life makes sense?

With our competence and many years of experience in the fields of medicine and psychology, we can help you to understand your situation, to find the cause of your reaction and to get it under control again. For this we can use both short-term medication and psychological therapy methods for a sustainable solution, according to your individual needs.

We support you and people close to you on your way back to a satisfied lifestyle and positive self-perception.

Please make an appointment in your preferred language:

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