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YONA AG is licensed to provide medical services and cooperates with all basic and supplementary insurances.

The costs for treatment in the fields of neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and acupuncture by a physician of the institution are covered by the health insurances like any other medical service. This means that you can benefit from these treatments without additional insurance.

The cost of psychotherapy treatment provided by a psychologist of the institution (delegated psychotherapy) are also covered by basic insurance like you are used to with medical treatment.

If you have supplementary insurance, some benefits may also be deducted from it. This can be useful if the franchise is different on your various insurances.


Of course, you can also claim all benefits on your private bill.

We will gladly inform you about existing options during an appointment.

Please note that for appointments that are not cancelled within 24 hours, except in the case of documented sudden illness, a cancellation fee of CHF 100 will be charged.

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