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Trauriges Mädchen im Fenster


You have inexplicable fears or difficulties dealing with feelings? Do you have the feeling of being on the brakes with one foot on the gas and the other at the same time? Does an everyday situation suddenly bring you into a state where you feel helpless and at the mercy of others?  

It is possible that you have not been able to cope with a trauma. Sometimes we repress events that hit us very hard, especially when we felt helpless or at the mercy of others in our childhood or adulthood. This in itself is a natural process that gave us time and strength to survive the situation at that time. Unfortunately, however, such experiences remain within us and can occur suddenly and mostly in completely unexpected circumstances and make life more difficult for us. Sometimes it can happen that you process traumas of your parents and grandparents without knowing or wanting to. As children, you often learn to deal with the emotional world of your family by adapting and carrying on the traumatic experience of your parents into your own life. You can actively approach such traumas and learn how to deal with them and with yourself by various methods and professional support. This can also help to avoid further transmission to your children and the next generations.        

With our competence and many years of experience in the fields of medicine and psychology, we can help you to understand your situation, to listen to your body and to find the cause of your suffering. We can use medicines, psychological therapy methods and acupuncture, according to your individual needs.

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